Carpentry Services


Carpenter Framing

T. Allen Inc. is an expert in Rough Wood Framing whether from stick lumber or pre-built wall panels, roof framing from stick lumber or setting of trusses. We have all the skills and experience to complete a total wood framed building or a building with a wood roof system, be it a house, office, retirement home, retail store, dormitory, etc. There are no roof systems too complicated. T. Allen offers Carpentry Rough Framing services as either a total supply and install or solely an installer with your materials.

Also added to this category is structural light gage metal framing. This includes structural bearing walls and cold rolled metal trusses.

Exterior Trim

Exterior Trim Carpentry

Exterior trim includes installation of sidings (wood, fiber cement, vinyl, PVC, and aluminum), associated trims, belts, cornices, fascias, rake boards, soffits, columns, rails, stairs, and what ever can be drawn or specified. Exterior trim can also include Tyvek Wall Wrap and associated window flashings, window installation, and caulking. All of these services can be install only project or supply and install project.


Timber and Glue Laminated Beams

T. Allen has both experience and expertise in Timber Framing and Glue Laminated Beams. This includes simple beam systems to complex trusses assembled on site. T. Allen has the expertise of assembly, bolting and fastening steel brackets between beams, columns, steel columns, and masonry foundations. As one can see in the picture portfolio many of the projects were quite large and high and included extensive use of lifting cranes. Projects can be install only or supply and install including engineered drawings.


Finish Carpentry and Millwork

T. Allen prides itself on its finish carpentry and millwork installation skills, whether the project is small or large, high end millwork or simple trim. T. Allen completes all its projects with the highest quality craftsmanship.

Finish Carpentry and Millwork includes the following services;

Running trims such as base chair rail, crown moldings, window and door casings, false beam work, or any combination of trim and architect can dream up.

Installation of cabinets, case work, wall panel systems, reception desks, nurse’s stations, bars, feature walls, and the list can go on. These items can be unfinished wood, pre finished wood, or plastic laminate.

T. Allen offers installation of millwork supplied by others or complete project of supply and install.


Door Frames, Doors, and Hardware

Nothing can be more aggravating than a door that does not open easily or stay closed. For years T. Allen has been installing door frames, doors, and associated door hardware. We pride our selves on having every door work properly.Door frames and doors can be hollow metal, wood, Frp, or aluminum, and hardware can span the spectrum between a simple lockset to panic hardware with door coordinators. T. Allen can handle your door needs with the highest quality craftsmanship.


Window Installation New and Replacement

All buildings need windows. T. Allen installs windows in both new and old buildings. Windows can be wood, aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl. We offer a complete service from removal (if the window is a replacement), wood blocking, installation of the window, insulating, interior trim, exterior trim, and caulking.


Challenging Projects

Over the years T. Allen has applied its skills to building projects that have presented challenging combinations of Carpentry. A curved wood frame building, restoration of historical buildings, re-building of a boat house over water, installation of windows up to 24 stories, projects with limited access for both work and delivery of materials, work during a variety of weather conditions, and a variety of conditions required by owners. We strive to solve all problems in the completion of our carpentry contracts.